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Miss me?

Hello Blog Readers, Hey! Its been a while huh? Well, since Winx aired on Nic I haven't been such a good fan. I don't really like how nick has dealt with it. (They made season one too short for me, I wanted to see all of the little tidbits not just the main plot.) But, I saw how they are doing the newer episodes, and figured, "what the heck, Nick is trying." So, I am going to try to be a good fan again. Wish me luck! So far, I have recreated Cira (again lol) and also created two new characters, Blair, fairy of death (omg creepy rite, at least it is pretty original .3.) and Angel, fairy of battel and weoponry (weird, I know, but the original character was excellent in battle and a whiz with all kinds of weapon, I wanted to keep that.) Also, a plotline for a possible FanFic is being worked on so keep your eyes peeled for more of that. (Yes, I know I failed at my first fanfic but this one will be much better is I auctually write it.) Well, I think that is all for now, bye! ,Winx4eva


Cara to Cira

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I have changed up my fursona, Cara, up a bit! First of all she is now Cira instead of Cara. Secon, shes now 13 instead of 12. She also has highlights in her hair, she is part withch (On her dads side) so she doesent have wings. (She has the witchy levation ability and also she has the power of wind and air so she can control the air currents around he a what now XD!) So yeah I created that bit up because I would always forget to draw her wings XD! I know theres something else but im forgetting it...Oh well! Here are some pictures of her, two I did about a year ago and one I did earlier today..See improovement? Also the teddy bear in the corner of the one is my watermark.



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I know this is not something I would usually post, but...Have you heard of The Cu Lang Biz Kids? If yes, way to go! If no, ill tell ya about it.... CLBKids is fun, safe, and free site for kids ages 6-13 I believe. There are alot of fun and cool features, like, a chat room, with fun games. (My favorites are Colors and Sounds, Tennis Bricks, and Snow Snake.) They also have a bunch are articles, on alot of different subjects! You can even submit your own! I highly recommend it. If you join and you are a Winx Club fan. (Which you must be if you are reading this) You can also join my Winx Club group. You can find it under, More, Kids groups, and finally Winx Club Forever!



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I hope to be getting some new viewers soon, there has not been alot to post about since 4-kids got rid of WC and then not much news has been going on. So pleas forgive me for not posting soo often.


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Late in posting this... As ush... well site updates a wintery theme cuz winter seems to come early and stay late every year...BTW did u know winter is the only season that goes through twice a year not something u would think about huh? Well anyways hears the header if you wanna use it for some thing that needs a link...


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So sorry i havent posted in like 4ever! But with maving and starting a new school (well kinda new) and getting a job ( not 4 me though 4 my mom) and alot of other sites to be sure to keep track of its been pretty hard to go on and post daily like i used to be able to. well any ways tell wat u think of my new pic...
Also ive been drawing chibi believix gorls and working on drawing roxy and ill have the up as soon as i can.
oh and enjoy the new site updates including a new poll and i got rid of the older ones that wernt getting many votes. Oh and Happy Thanks giving everyone
and dont foget to visit my site http://winx4evastotalwinx.webs.com/ and enter m caontest (open to everyone!!!!



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So nevermind the "Can't get all the prizes if youre not a member" but i would still aprecite if you become a member.

Anyways scince im back in Mississippi and started school and all i cant go on as often. Ill try to go on during the weekdays but with all the homework im getting soo far i can only go on Saterday and Sunday



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Season 5 is a While Away (Summer of 2011 is my guess) but in the mean time i want anyone with officle info on season 5 pleaase share. also in honer of my site finally being up i am holding a Fan Fiction contest. More details will be up on the site

soon at Winx4eva's Total Winx
(you dont have to be a member to enter but you cant get all of the prize if your not.)



This weeks poll is...
Do you think winx club shoould have popular celebirty (like selena gomez taylar swift etc.) Gueststar to raise viewers?

If you answer "Huh?" the go ahead and ask whats confusing you

Selena Gomez Winx Style

In other words try to figure out this puzzle

Winx Club Picture Puzzle